Can you help us send a video letter to cornwall’s mps?

Time is running out for the government to request an extension to the Brexit transition period. The deadline to do this is the end of June, and given the lack of progress in negotiations it now looks almost certain that the UK will be out of the Single Market with no trading arrangement with the EU if no extension is requested.

This would be catastrophic for many businesses that are already reeling from the impacts of the coronavirus. And it would also put a huge question mark over the rights of the many EU citizens living in the UK and UK citizens in Europe, making their lives even more difficult than they are now.

We want to send a powerful message to Cornwall’s MPs about what this would mean for people in Cornwall. To do this, we’re making an open ‘video letter’ consisting of short video clips of people talking about what no-deal would mean for them, their businesses and their families.

Can you help us do this by making a very short video clip of yourself talking to camera about how no deal would impact you? We’ll then edit these clips into a video letter and send it to every MP in Cornwall. We’ll also share the letter with local and national media and on our social media platforms, so that it’s seen by lots of other people in Cornwall and beyond.

If possible, try to make your clips no more than a minute long. Please start by saying who you are (just your first name) – after that, you can say whatever you like, but the more personal it is the better.

When you’ve finished, please upload the video file to the file-sharing service WeTransfer– –  and email us a link to the file: Please include a line in your email to say that you’re happy for the clip to be sent to MPs and to be shared with the media and on our social media.

Time is short, so please get your clip to us by Tuesday 9 June.

Thank you!