Is this the best our Cornish representatives can do?

by Angeline Henderson

Prime Minister’s question time 17/03/2021

15: 37 mins into the session

Steve Double:  Can I thank the Prime Minister for bringing the G7 Leaders’ Summit to Cornwall?  This will put Cornwall front and centre of the world stage as we emerge from the pandemic and give us a great opportunity to showcase all that Cornwall has to offer, not just as a great place to visit and our amazing food and drinks’ sector but in the technologies of the future in space and renewable energy.  I know the Prime Minister shares my ambition that the G7 will leave a lasting economic legacy for the people of Cornwall. So, to that end, and in light of the recent progress made on lithium extraction, would he work with me to secure a “Gigafactory” for Cornwall so that we can produce the batteries, leave that lasting economic legacy, and provide the well-paid jobs for the future that Cornwall needs?

Boris Johnson:  Yes ah, em, of course Mr Speaker,  I think Cornwall is the Klondike of em, of lithium as far as I, I, I understand the matter and er, I’ll be delighted to assist him in er, in er, in locating a er, er, “Gigafactory” er, somewhere near Cornwall but I don’t want to,  ha-ha, I don’t want to promise too much at this stage (laughter all round).

Transcribed from BBC iPlayer

Cornish Best Friends

by Ann Higgins

The PM must have been thrilled to run into his new Cornish best friend on what looked like a rather chilly visit to the Duchy on 7th April when he was greeted by MP Steve Double as he stepped off his plane at Newquay airport.

As many of those reading this will already know, when the UK left the EU, Boris Johnson made a pledge that Cornwall would not lose out on additional funding after Brexit, which was said by Cornwall council to total £100m a year. During his visit he confirmed that Cornwall would get no special treatment over and above the funds being provided to the whole country for which Cornwall has to compete.  And as well as confusing Truro with Wells in Somerset he showed that he was treating Cornish issues with his customary seriousness by enjoying an ice cream and holding a toy tiger – a present for Wilf perhaps? Will the next time we see him in Cornwall be at the G7 in June? Will Mr Double get an invitation to accompany him? Like Mr Double we can only wait and see.

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Featured image by Alex Motoc on Unsplash