By Anita Graafland

Rosemary went and did some research on the list I drew up for July 2023. As she was unable to find everything, there’s no point doing a grand total. I did a quick skim and although it would seem that, on the whole, Germany is cheaper than Holland, the price differences don’t appear to be large enough for me to up sticks and move to the neighbours.

ProductAlbert Heijn online, July 2022Sainsbury’s online, July 2022Albert Heijn online, May 2023Sainsbury’s online, May 2023Prices in Germany, as reported by Rosemary**

Crisps (Lays*), Thai Chili, 150g€1.75£2.00€2.29£2.50€1.99
Cashew nuts, organic, unsalted, 200g€3.85£4.20€4.29£4.10€6.58***
Pears, conference, four€2.29£2.00€2.79£2.00n/a
Pukka* tea, three mint€4.75£3.30€5.29£4.00€3.99
Fresh orange juice, 1 litre€2.99£2.90€3.29£3.10€3.99
Always* dailies, panty liners€2.59£1.90€2.99£1.90€3.29
Sanex dermo deo€3.49£1.50€3.99£1.50€2.49
Coca Cola original taste, 12-pack€7.79£6.75€7.99£6.25€7.38***
Eggs, organic large, x6€1.90£2.05€2.29£2.80€3.69
Lindt Excellent, plain, caramel and sea salt€2.15£2.10€2.89£2.45€2.79
Avocados, ready to eat€2.59£1.50€2.79£1.60€1.79
Smoked cheese, slices€1.59£2.50€1.99£3.00n/a
Strawberries, 400g€3.69£2.25€3.99£2.25n/a
Bonne Maman, strawberry conserve, 370g€2.75£2.80€3.79£3.30€4.99
Pellegrino*, 6×1 litre€7.40£6.50€7.49£7.00€7.14***

Grand Total€51.75£44.25€58.15£47.75n/a
At Wise exchange rates£44.25€50.58£50.66€55.28n/a
*Branded products, as these are easier to compare across countries; same weights or units, unless otherwise observed. ** Recorded in the week of 19 July 2023. *** Recalculated for the same weight/quantity

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