By Anita Graafland

The next member of the Executive Team I’d like you to meet (don’t worry, we’ll get around to other members in time, we really have to introduce you to the Big Three first) is Sue Winter. You’re probably already familiar with much of her work, as she attended or organised pretty much every stall we ran, created the website from scratch and does its upkeep (her catchphrase is “It’s on the website”), turned a jumble of words – our first newsletter – into an amazingly attractive email and is the go-to person for everything online that we want to do. She’s also the quickest minutes-producer I’ve ever known, even if she had stiff competition, our wonderful previous secretary James Miller, who stepped down at the AGM to devote more time to his new full-time job and his lovely partner – deservedly so, thank you James for all you’ve done.

Perhaps the most telling thing to share about Sue is that these are the words that are uttered most often when we run into trouble or need anything done: “We’ll have to ask Sue.” Deservedly going by the nickname “Systematic Sue”, she’s the most focused, talented and driven person you’ll ever have the pleasure to meet, and the team is lucky that she volunteered for not one but two positions: in addition to serving as our secretary, she is also our GDPR Officer. Which reminds me: I really have to destroy my recording of the AGM. I’ll do that now. Sorry Sue!

Sue says “Having campaigned with Stronger In and Labour In during the referendum, I felt I needed to carry on the fight and Cornwall for Europe seemed the appropriate place to do that, especially since the team were so friendly and welcoming. I have a tendency to throw myself into things and I offered straight away to run street stalls; soon after I took on emails to members via Mailchimp, then created a new website. Cornwall for Europe is a place where people can put their skillset to good use. Everything we have achieved has been a team effort with everyone contributing in their own unique way. We have made a name for ourselves as an impressive campaign group and we are a testament to what can be achieved when people work together.”