By Bev Haigh-Jones

As many of you will be aware, have been  planning to hold a march in London in May in support of rejoining the EU.

We at Cornwall for Europe are in full support of this cause, but because of Covid we felt that we have not yet reached a time when arranging coaches to London would be a sensible option. As an alternative however, we were considering arranging local action in Cornwall to coincide with the main march in London. The European Movement were also giving consideration to supporting the action, and if that had happened then there might well have been other events across the UK organised by the various regional pro-EU groups.

The original plan was for this march to be held on 7 May, but we understand that this is now not possible and it may move to 14 May instead. We have yet to receive confirmation of this change, especially as the date coincides with the FA Cup Final. There have been suggestions that the event be postponed until later in the year, but this seems unlikely. We are waiting to hear the final plan before we make any decision as to whether CfE will be involved and we understand that as things are, the European Movement are not currently offering support for the event.

However, Saturday 7 May is a day close to a number of significant European dates, e.g. Europe Day, VE Day, etc. Cornwall for Europe are, therefore, still hoping to arrange some form of appropriate event on that day. Please keep checking our Facebook pages and website for further details.

In order to gauge the amount of interest that there might have been for a localised, Cornish action to coincide with the March for Rejoin, we held a Facebook poll a few weeks ago. The majority were in favour of local action, whilst a close second was for taking part virtually. There did not seem to be much appetite for travelling to London, but if anyone is considering doing that once the confirmed date is known, we would welcome it if you would let us know. You can do this by contacting us on

We had been seeing interest increasing and we very much hope that the organisers manage to arrange an alternative date. Once we are aware of when that is, we will consider whether there will be sufficient numbers to make a local action viable, and again, details will be on our pages and website.

If you have any comment to make regarding this, or have any queries you wish to resolve, please contact us on the email address above.

4 Replies to “March for Rejoin

  1. I have always thought of myself as English first and European second. I couldn’t believe that anyone would vote to leave Europe (especially Cornwall where so much money and help has been received from the EU) and yet here we are, a small unimportant island with very few friends. I would support action if a May date is agreed to ‘Rejoin’, however I think it is all too late.

    I will never forget/forgive Boris Johnson and Michael Gove for the infamous Red Bus, even though they admitted at the time that the NHS slogan was just a made up figure, a ‘sound-bite’ people believed it If only the politicians who wanted to Remain had done more. Oh well.

    1. Many thanks for your comment, Janice, I am sure that the majority of our readers would agree with the sentiment.
      As for the “March for Rejoin”, after some external persuasion in the last week or so, the organisers are now planning to move it to later in the year though no actual date has been announced as yet. The general feeling was that now is not the time, given events in Ukraine, not to mention the fact that 14th May would clash with the F.A. Cup Final. We will update our readers in future newsletters, as well as on our website and FaceBook pages.

  2. I booked a cheap advance train ticket on Feb 22. Always good to get a head start. Now it looks like I might be walking around London on my own.

    1. We are sorry to hear that, Rod, but sadly you are not alone. We know of at least one 4EU group that had booked coaches for the event which have had to be cancelled subsequently. The original date of 7th May was disallowed by GLA as another event is taking place on that day. A change to 14th May was then proposed, but apart from the fact that the Ukraine invasion has taken place in the meantime, that date also coincides with the Cup Final. We believe that the organisers now intend to announce a new date on 11th April for some time later in the year.

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