by Bev Haigh-Jones

Friday 22 October was something of a momentous day for us in that we were back in Truro with our first street stall for almost two years.

After a slightly rusty start, we were soon back in the swing and all went well, as can be seen by the results on the board pictured below. Overall, the response was extremely positive and there was plenty of support for the idea of CfE returning to more active campaigning. There were very few negative comments and even those that were expressed tended to be somewhat subdued. Nobody appeared to have an appetite for defending Brexit, or even engaging with us to disagree with what we were doing.

Not a Brexitometer

Of the few slightly negative dots on the board, I really can’t explain the one person who stated that they were happy to accept lower food standards. However, of the two who said they had benefited from Brexit, for one of them at least it was because prior to us leaving they had managed to set up their business in Ireland so that they continued to trade with the EU, and this had given them an edge over their competitors.

This was a stall with a slight difference. Apart from the fact that the board was not the traditional “Brexitometer”, we were also publicising our open letter to the six Cornish MPs, which raises multiple issues that directly affect the county. Many people put their signatures to this whilst they were at the stall and we shall be adding the letter to our website and to our Facebook page, with a facility to sign online if you would like to add your name.

The letter can be read here.

For those who are wondering, or have already asked the question, we are hoping that this stall will be the first of many. It is our intention to reactivate our campaigning and there are already other plans in the pipeline, including something to coincide with COP26. This will be a street stall with banner, leaflets, etc., and it will be taking place at 10:30 am on Saturday 6th November in Camborne Town Square.

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Please keep checking our website and Facebook group for future event listings and posts.

We look forward to meeting up with some up you in the near future.