by Anita Graafland

Mike has taken on the role of Treasurer this year but many of you will know him as a street stall stalwart, having travelled all over Cornwall to help run dozens of our Brexitometer stalls.

“I voted Remain in 2016 simply because I felt the world was becoming an increasingly dangerous place and the best place to be was with our friends and allies in Europe. The world certainly hasn’t become any safer, so this is why I have been campaigning with Cornwall for Europe for the last three or four years. In that time, I have learned far more about the economic and social benefits of EU membership, especially in Cornwall and what a terrible mistake Brexit is!”

Mike is probably the person that stood out for me the most when I first joined Cornwall for Europe. A true Cornishman going back generations, he’s a constant source of jokes and puns, and keeps us well-adjusted EU citizens on our toes with his cultural references and wit. But not only that, he was one of our fiercest pro-EU fighters on the stalls and marches, and is one of the core ‘dark op’ team for every single action the team have ever come up with. He took us all by surprise when putting himself forward for the position of Treasurer when Joe Brook – who we owe a great debt of gratitude – retired as Treasurer at this last AGM and defies the typical image of a staid, boring man of finance. Reliable and hands-on, yes, but irresistibly funny and full of life and energy as well.

Mike is currently being treated for cancer, but that hasn’t stopped him from attending every single Executive Team meeting and putting forward ideas and suggestions with the same zeal as always. I’m in awe of him.