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Cornwall for Europe is a grassroots organisation not aligned with any political party.  We are a group of volunteers, all living in Cornwall, affiliated to the European Movement. We are campaigning for Britain to remain a full member of the European Union, with all the benefits that this has brought for Cornwall and the UK as a whole:-

  • Prosperity and fair trade
  • Freedom of movement
  • Investment in Europe’s poorest areas, including Cornwall
  • Recognition and protection of cultural and national minorities
  • Educational opportunities
  • Friendship and cooperation
  • Democracy, human rights and the rule of law
  • The longest period of peace in European history

There is now overwhelming evidence that the Brexit referendum result was marred by multiple criminal breaches of electoral law by the Leave campaign. Many who voted Leave in Cornwall are now well aware that they were lied to, and have changed their minds.

How do we know? Because we talk to people in towns all over Cornwall and invite them to express their views. Very few people now think that Brexit spells anything but disaster for jobs, for the NHS and for investment in Cornwall’s future. We hold our Brexitometer street stalls in towns and villages all over Cornwall two to four times each week, inviting passers-by to share their opinions on Brexit.

We support the campaign for a People’s Vote on any final Brexit deal, with an option to remain.

Join us in defending your rights as an EU citizen.

Help us by donating to our campaign.