Time running out for EU ex-pat voters
Western Morning News, 1st May 2019

BBC Politics South West
30th March 2019
Cornwall for Europe members singing again! (38 seconds in, then again at 1:58)

The Cornwall family living a very real Brexit hell
Our Chair, Emmanuelle Brook with her family’s very personal story of Brexit
Cornwall Live, 28th March 2019

Cornwall for Europe campaigner takes to the streets during Brexit march
The Holsworthy Post, 27th March 2019

Cornwall for Europe’s Charles Boney and Tom Scott on Radio Cornwall
25th March 2019

Hundreds from Cornwall in anti-Brexit march
Cornish Times, 24th March 2019

Truro Remain Rally
Cornish Stuff, 23rd March 2019

Hundreds crowd Truro for Brexit rally as they demand a People’s Vote
Cornwall Live, 23rd March 2019

People’s Vote march: 200 coaches heading to London, organisers say
The Guardian, 20th March 2019

Brexit – You tell us it’s chaos
Devon Live, 13th March 2019

Brexit – How are we doing so far?
Cornwall Live, 12th March 2019

Both sides agree we’ve not taken back control
Western Morning News, 13th March 2019

It was hard to become British – This has destroyed my identity
Western Morning News, 13th March 2019

Thousands from West in vote rally
Western Morning News, 13th March 2019

Leaving the European Union is likely to be very costly
by Cornwall for Europe member and international lawyer Sarah Adkins
Cornish Times, 1st February 2019

Cornwall anti-Brexit group is victim of ‘fake news’ doctored picture by Twitter troll
Cornwall Live, 28th January 2019

Cornwall has changed its mind on Brexit, says group
Indy Online, 28th November 2018

Cornwall for Europe raises Brexit concerns
The Packet, 27th September 2018

Opinions on Brexit progress aired in Bude
Bude & Stratton Post, 14th June 2018

Demo in support of Europe
Cornish Times, 27th March 2018