EU campaigners urge tactical voting in Cornwall

Cornwall for Europe, the campaigners for the UK to remain in the EU, is urging its members and supporters to vote tactically so that Brexit candidates can be defeated. Polls suggest that the Conservatives might be re-elected in all 6 of the Cornish seats but in most seats the number of votes for pro Remain parties may be in a majority.

Howard Farmer, a Cornwall for Europe organiser says: ‘If people vote tactically then Cornwall can have some Remain MPs but if the anti Brexit vote is divided, then we will get the same as in 2015 and in 2017. We cannot change the electoral system but we can vote intelligently; for some people this means voting for a party that is their second choice. We believe that there are at least three seats that might change hands.’

There are a number of tactical voting websites that can be used to seek advice but Cornwall for Europe believes that they do not all  use the most reliable data. Indeed, some of them cause confusion as there may even be biased towards a particular Party. Emmanuelle Brook, Chair of Cornwall for Europe said: ‘ We have studied all the websites and we are urging voters to use for the best up-to-date advice. This shows all the best researched websites and makes the choice clear.’

The campaigners have also been asking shoppers about their views on the election, at street stalls in Cornish towns. Sue Winter, stalls organiser, said: ‘We’ve been asking if people are considering tactical voting and often over 60% of voters say they might. If only half of the third and fourth placed parties switched sides it could mean that 2 or 3 seats change hands. In addition, there are many people who have simply not yet made up their minds yet.’

Some shoppers have also talked about other issues in the election, especially concerns on the style and character of Boris Johnson. Charles Boney, Press Officer, said: ‘Issues like something that is buried at page 48 of the Tory manifesto – the pledge to investigate the powers of the Prime Minister using the Royal Prerogative. Sounds obscure, but it means that Johnson wants more power to silence Parliament when he wants,  and to give his Ministers extra powers to extend Laws without Parliament’s full approval and debate. He wants to get his revenge on the Supreme Court who ruled against him in October.’

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