Cornish EU campaigners take lead in urging Brexit extension

Cornwall for Europe, who campaigned for Britain to remain in Europe, are now campaigning for an extension to the exit terms which end in December, because of the Covid 19 crisis. They are urging Party leaders to actively campaign to change the Government’s mind about the strict deadline, which would mean that the UK could leave without any deal at all, unless a full trade agreement is negotiated. They have written an open letter to Sir Keir Starmer and gained the support of over 100 other groups, representing nearly 400,000 members across the country.

‘We were delighted at the huge response from Remain organisations when we circulated a draft of our letter’ said Charles Boney, Press Officer; ‘There are still many organisations adding their names to our list every hour.’

Tom Scott has helped organise the campaign said. ‘We have over 24,000 Facebook followers and on 10,000 on Twitter who are keen to help spread our message. We know the  corona crisis has dominated the last few months’ news but the Brexit negotiations have stalled and a no deal exit in December would be disastrous for the Cornish economy.’

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