Tactical voting

As a group campaigning to Remain in the EU we are not party political and do not advise voting for a specific party. However, we do advise people to vote the Conservatives out as they are pushing through Brexit and are not offering an option of a People’s Vote.

Most of us have heard the reasons for voting tactically and have decided that is what we need to do. In Cornwall it is essential that the Remain Vote is not split. Tactical voting helps reduce the risk of this.

In order to make your decision, we recommend that you:

• Use trustworthy tactical voting sites (ones that use polling data with a reliable methodology) We recommend these three sites:

o  getvoting.org


o  tactical-vote.uk

• Additionally, you can compare the sites using a comparison style website for the tactical voting sites, we recommend:

o  dontsplittheremainvote.com

• Use the results for your area as close to polling day as possible (because the inputted data will be up to date and therefore most reliable) Postal votes – if you can delay, they can be taken to the polling station on election day.

For those interested in the methodology, MRP and similar regression-based methods are considered the most reliable. This link explains how they work.

The Liberal Party – a warning!

Please do not confuse the Liberal Party with the Liberal Democrats.

The Liberal Party are pro-Brexit and some of their candidates in Cornwall are Ex-UKIP. They are standing in many seats where the Brexit Party have stood down.

This New Statesman article explains more.