By Bev Haigh-Jones


The petition raised by Leeds for Europe, calling on the government to hold a public enquiry into the impact of Brexit, will be debated in Parliament on Monday 24 April. It already stands at over 140k signatures, but it’s not too late to add your name if you haven’t already. The more signatures there are, the more impact it is likely to have on those debating it.

“Celebrate with cake” – Our next street stall

CfE’s previous cake stall in a wet and windy Truro.

CfE’s previous cake stall in a wet and windy Truro

After the success of our last street stall with EU themed cakes and biscuits, we have decided to repeat the process, but this time it will be to celebrate the recent campaigning victories that have been achieved.

Initially, after this article in the The Guardian on 9 April, our thoughts were that with the REUL Bill having been stopped in its tracks, or at the very least delayed, plus the idea of a Mayor for Cornwall having been scrapped, it gave us two reasons to celebrate. Both worthy of celebration, as I am sure you would agree, but unfortunately, there has been a further development. Since originally planning the stall, there has been a further announcement to say that the government are putting the REUL Bill back into the Lords’ timetable. It was thought that this might be as early as mid-May, but apparently no firm date has yet been set, however whenever it is, it’s too soon! In the meantime, we will continue campaigning against this ridiculous plan.

There is, of course, always more to do, so at the stall we will also have our usual Opinionmeter board, stickers, badges, etc. Why not join us in Truro on Saturday 29 April from 10.30 am for a tasty treat and a chat? And if you would like to bring some cake donations, even better!

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