By Bev Haigh-Jones

There are currently numerous articles, statements and reports highlighting the impacts of Brexit. For example there is this report on how the labour market has been affected and, more significantly, the article in The Independent where Tory peer and Asda chairman, Stuart Rose states: “Britain is suffering from the “catastrophic” impact of Brexit and should consider a closer trading relationship with the EU”.

There are, of course, many more available, but perhaps it’s time that pressure was put on the government to accept its responsibility and carry out a formal enquiry. That was certainly the opinion of staunch pro-EU campaigner, European Movement and Leeds for Europe member Peter Packham. He has raised a petition calling on the government to hold a public enquiry which received a very unsatisfactory response when it reached the 10,000 level, but since then it has continued to gain signatures and has now just exceeded 100,000, the point where it will be considered for debate. Perhaps though, we would all like to add our signatures to the call, show the strength of opinion and help it on its way? Sign here.

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