By Bev Haigh-Jones

Celebrate with cake” stall in Truro

Busy stall on Lemon Quay

Busy stall on Lemon Quay

Our “Celebrate with cake” street stall on 29 April was another great success with lots of volunteers, lots of visitors and lots of cake!

Apart from chatting to passers-by and supporters, and obtaining stickers on our Opinionmeter, we were there to celebrate the recent campaigning victories that have been achieved, namely the significant government rethink on the Retained EU Laws Bill and the scrapping of the plan to appoint a mayor for Cornwall.

Completed Opinionmeter from 29 April stall

With regard to the questions we were asking on the day, the completed board speaks largely for itself, as is usually the case, and it was especially interesting to see that the two questions relating to the government’s integrity and performance received almost unanimously negative responses. This opinion of the current government was largely confirmed by the recent local election results across England, though sadly not in Cornwall as the opportunity was not available to us.

Next stall – Saturday 20 May in Penzance

We will be on the streets again this weekend and this time we will be in Market Place, Penzance from 10.30 am until around 1 pm. By the time you’re reading this article, the stall may have come and gone, but if that is not the case, why not come along and say hello if you are anywhere close by? We love meeting our members face to face whenever the opportunity arises and we want as many stickers as possible on our board! Plus we will have our usual badges and Brexit stickers available.

If you’ve missed this one, or can’t make it for any reason, there should be another soon, so keep a look out for notices in the next newsletter, and on our Facebook and website events pages.

Social get-together

Unfortunately, in-person gatherings have been few and far between since Covid first hit, but we felt that now was perhaps the time to put that behind us. The detail has yet to be confirmed, but we are hoping to arrange an afternoon gathering in Truro on Sunday 25 June, the closest weekend date to the anniversary of the Brexit referendum.

We don’t intend that this will be a glum affair however, far from it, we anticipate a happy gathering of like-minded folk who still believe that being part of the EU was – and is – the only sensible option. In addition, of course, we can celebrate the fact that Cornwall for Europe is still going strong seven years later, gaining new members every week, and that the campaign for Rejoin is now taking off in a big way.

And talking of Rejoin

As many of you will already know, NRM (National Rejoin March) are planning March For Rejoin II later this year. Although a specific day has been requested in the application to the GLC, this has yet to be approved so we cannot give you the exact date, but if you are planning to take part, keep the latter part of September free in your diaries.

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