Derek Thomas supports People’s Vote

Cornish campaigners for a People’s Vote have reacted with delight to the move by Derek Thomas, MP for St. Ives, in signing the motion to support a People’s Vote. The voting on various views on the way ahead takes place later today.

‘Derek Thomas is well known as a Brexit supporter, indeed we believed him to be firmly in the hard Brexit ERG camp. We are pleased, but surprised, to see his signature on the Commons order paper alongside names of long standing supporters of a People’s Vote’ says Charles Boney, Cornwall for Europe Press Officer.

‘Those wanting a hard Brexit are not going to get what they want unless they do support a People’s Vote, as a big majority of MPs believe that would be disastrous for the economy. So it is logical for Derek Thomas to take this line. Both he and I believe we could win a new referendum, so we have something in common. One of us will be disappointed, but is the only way out of this mess.’

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