Be proud to call yourself European on Census form, say campaigners

Cornwall for Europe (CfE), have called on people in Cornwall to use the Census form to stress their European identity. They are urging residents to complete the nationality section by ticking the ‘other’ box and then writing in European. Neither Cornish or European are given as an option on the form unless individuals write in what they feel as their identity.

Howard Farmer, the newly elected Chair of CfE said in a special email to members:

‘If you feel European, we urge you to declare it as your national identity in the ‘other’ box of the census form., with or without any other identity such as Cornish, but we do believe it gives a stronger message just to say European.’

Emmanuelle Brook, the retiring Chair of CfE, who has joint French/British nationality added: ‘Many in this country have gone through a real struggle to be able to feel European. Taking us out of the EU has meant a loss to where we belonged  – with the freedom to live, work and travel anywhere in Europe. All British citizens were European citizens as well and that has been taken from us; but it is still what we feel.’ 

Emmanuelle will be continuing to support campaigns helping European citizens ensure their settlement and employment rights in the UK and remains a key member of the CfE Committee.

Press Officer Charles Boney stressed that Cornwall for Europe has not gone away but is switching to a new phase in the campaign over Europe. 

‘Recent data shows a big slump in our Exports to Europe, Cornwall’s fishing fleet has had its markets slashed and many of the Cornish early Spring flower crop is rotting. We believe that Brexit is proving to be a disaster for our County. We are planning to carry on holding this Government and Cornwall’s MPs to account and we will prepare the way for the country’s relationship with the EU to be reconsidered.’

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